A School For…


Brandywine Children’s House seeks to preserve the innate intellectual curiosity with which children begin life. The years from 2 1/2 to 6 are called “The Sensitive Period” by Maria Montessori. During this period your child is capable of learning more than at any other time in their life.

Our academic program is designed to help your child learn how to learn… to develop a true joy for learning.


Brandywine Children’s House will help your child:

Satisfy their curiosity
Develop their abilities and talents
Pursue their interests
Gain a glimpse of the great variety and richness of life


Brandywine Children’s House will help your child become:

A unique and accomplished individual


Brandywine Children’s House will develop:

Self-confident learners respectful of themselves and others
Children capable of making the most of whatever learning environment they are exposed to in later years


Brandywine Children’s House is a carefully prepared environment that guarantees exposure to materials and experiences that will contribute to the growth of self-motivated, independent learners. The environment is designed to take full advantage of the unique ability of young children to develop their own capabilities.

Montessori learning materials are designed to stimulate the senses. They are sequential in nature, teaching progressive skills and concepts. They are also designed to be self-correcting… allowing your child to recognize and correct their own mistakes.

The Montessori teacher provides the necessary resources and opportunities for your child to function and learn in a safe and positive climate. The teacher acts as a facilitator of learning, working with the nature of the child instead of against it.

The child’s great task is to create an adult. The teacher’s most important task is to help the great work that is being done.